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Hafler DH-200 “Pre-Owned”

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Hafler DH-200 solid state power amplifier. This is the iconic solid state amplifier design by David Hafler that launched his new company by the same name back in the 1980’s. Rated at a very conservative 100 watts per channel this amplifier still holds it’s own today with most any power amplifier costing more than double the price. Do your own research on the amazing specifications of the Hafler DH-200. I’m confident you will be impressed.

This was a well maintained and cared for piece hifi history. Condition is a solid 9 and operation is flawless. Unique is the (quite rare) black rack mountable face plate that adds to it’s visual appeal. Weighing in at just over 26 lbs…we would prefer a local buyer capable of picking this up at our New Jersey location. If shipping is required we will quote you a separate shipping cost. A (30) day (non-transferable) warranty is included with this purchase.

Sale Price: $ 425.00 Through Christmas. USA orders only.

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