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Is Dynakit associated with Dynaco?

Dynakit has no association with Dynaco. This includes both the current and past business owners.. Dynakit is a US Registered Trademark of Dynakit, LLP (est 2006) and located in Paramus, NJ, USA. Dynakit products are produced exclusively here in the USA.

Can I build a Dynakit?

Building a Dynakit is not for everyone; you will need the ability to assemble and solder parts to the printed circuit board including connecting (soldering) wires to various points within the amplifier. Step by step instructions with pictorials will guide you through the entire assembly process and start-up procedure. If your not comfortable working with electronics and high voltages…then have one of our recommended techs build this for you. See link below.

Can I purchase a factory built unit?

UPDATE 2018: Click here for a Link to Our friend & affiliate Kenny Russel of

Is it cost effective to rebuild my original Dyanco Amp?

If you have an older Dynaco amplifier, you will first need to determine if the transformers are still operable. Secondly, we would recommend replacing the quad capacitor, bias supply and possibly all of the tube sockets. The original PC board may also be in need of replacement. If the chassis is rusted/pitted you may option to replace this with a new Dynakit reproduction chassis. Review of all these costs in comparison to the cost of a new Dynakit amplifier and then decide accordingly.

Will your parts fit my original Dyanco amplifier?

All Dynakit parts are designed to exactly fit the original Dynaco amplifiers. This includes our transformers, PC boards, can capacitors, terminals, sockets, etc.

Are there any problems with using a different brand PC board?

As long as the PC board is dimensionally the same as the original, it should mount to our Dynakit Reproduction Chassis with out problems. See warranty provisions.

Why aren’t tubes included with the kit?

Our main reason is cost-savings, and this is directly reflected in the price of our kits. Vacuum tubes can be purchased directly from our affiliate by clicking on our tube link or from any number of suppliers of your choice.

Will the Dynakit amplifier operate at 220-240 VAC?

Currently we offer three (3) amplifiers suitable for 220-240 vac operation.
UPDATE: CLICK HERE for our new (240 vac) Dynakit ST-35 amplifier kit.
UPDATE: CLICK HERE for our new (240 vac) Dynakit ST-70 Amplifier Kit.
UPDATE: CLICK HERE for our new (240 vac) Dynakit MARK III KIT.

Can I remove the power cord ground?

Due to high voltage present in the amplier, under no circumstances should the power ground wire be removed.

How can I get technical assistance?

Technical assistance is available on our “new” Dynakit products only. Call or email us at 973-557-1229 or

Other Questions?

Please contact us at

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