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A precision engineered reproduction SCA-35 chassis plus an array of “Exact Fit” components worthy of your next DIY project. Our new SCA-35 chassis, covers and faceplates are dimensionally accurate to the original Dynaco SCA-35 design plus a few added refinements. Yes…Our new faceplate & covers will exactly fit your original vintage SCA-35!

Please note: We will not be offering the circuit boards for the SCA-35 integrated amplifier and/or technical support of these specific components. Alternatively, we have partnered with a select number of vendors who offer a diverse choice of high quality SCA-35 upgraded circuit board designs, kits and related SCA-35 components.

Before ordering, carefully review your parts list to insure that your selection corresponds correctly with your specific choice of circuit board design. Control functions and circuit design may vary from vendor to vendor which may influence your choice of components and/or faceplate style.

If you should have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us here @ Dynakit or our selected vendors as noted below.


Selected Vendor Links:

Dynaco Designs

Dave’s Store

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