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SCA Chassis

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The new Dynakit SCA Chassis – Dimensionally accurate to the original Dyna SCA-35 chassis with a re-designed front panel to facilitate both the original and most all modern replacement tone & function controls.

The base panel is pre-punched for exact fit of all of the original circuit boards & components… Plus the added mounting provisions for our C-354 filter choke, 5AR4 rectifier tube socket and (2) 1 3/8″ dia. clamp style mounted capacitors.

The rear panel incorporates provisions for external mounting of all the original components plus (2) 120 volt (AC) polarized outlets. (See photos above)

The steel chassis has a durable clear Zinc plated industrial finish with a new improved vented bottom cover. Chasis kit includes the (2) AC outlets, plastic hole bushings and basic panel assembly hardware.

Optional Items: Rubber Feet BRF-4M Fuse Holder FH-3AG-35 RCA Jack Kit SCA-RCA-JB

FREE… SCA Labels with your purchase of this chassis. Labels match both our SCA-FP-1B and SCA-FP-2N faceplate nomenclature only. (See photos above)

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