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SCA-35 RCA jack Kit

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A high quality Polyimide Brown RCA jack board with individual grounded inputs and isolated tape & phono inputs.
Wider spacing allows for use of modern RCA style interconnects with provisions for up to (6) inputs or any combination of inputs/outputs you choose.

The kit includes the jack board, gold plated RCA jacks, hookup wire, hardware and detailed instructions. Board assembly is required.

Note: Your original set of Dynaco PEC Modules # 555003 are required if you intend to retain the use your Phono input.

Note: The SCA RCA jack board fits both the original Dynaco SCA-35 and our new Dynakit SCA-35 chassis kit. Board mounting holes are slotted for lateral adjustment when using our ST35-Bias Control Upgrade circuit board.

Need an original SCA-35 style RCA jack board kit? Visit our affiliate at: Dynaco Designs

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