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Control Hardware

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Control Hardware: Multiple choice of selected hardware items for the mounting of your rotary controls and control knobs in your original or new Dynakit PAS/SCA chassis.

CTL-HW-A Nylon (reducer) shoulder washer 3/8″ x 8mm. Use for mounting of metric type rotary controls having an 8mm threaded mount and position locator pin. Non-standard custom size.

Fits both the original and our new Dynakit PAS/SCA chassis.

CTL-HW-B Internal tooth lock washer. Fits full size rotary controls having a 3/8″ threaded mount. For use with rotary controls which do not have a position locator pin. (Like the originals) Does not work well when combined with the (above) nylon shoulder washer.

CTL-HW-C Brass adapter sleeve for use with 6mm rotary control shafts. Works well with most standard 1/4″ bore aluminum control knobs. Adapter sleeve fits either smooth or split/splined style 6mm shafts.

CTL-HW-D Special adapter washer for use with minature style 16mm metric tone control pots having a M7 x 0.75 threaded mount size or approximately 9/32″ diameter. Custom made and only for use with our new Dynakit PAS/SCA chassis.

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