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Finally, a precision engineered reproduction PAS chassis plus an array of “Exact Fit” components worthy of your next DIY project. Our new PAS chassis, covers and face plates are dimensionally accurate to the original Dynaco PAS design plus a few added refinements. Yes…Our new face plates & covers will exactly fit your original vintage PAS!

New for 2023: We will soon be offering a set of high quality circuit boards for the PAS Preamplifier based on the original Dynaco circuit design.When combined with today’s modern materials and improved circuit board construction our new PAS boards will surely surpass your expectations of quality and reliability.

Remember: All of our Dynakit circuit boards are made here in the USA!

A recent PAS build by Kenny Russell and a great review by drD E of California. Critical components including the chassis, face plate, transformer plus all circuit boards were provided by Dynakit.

PAS YouTube video review by drD E

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