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PAS PC-5 & PC-6

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Finally, a set of Premium quality circuit boards for your PAS preamplifier. Brown Polyimide Aerospace board material with a modern ground plane, double sided solder mask, flow-thru plated holes and component silk screening. We retain the original Dynakit PAS circuitry because this is what we (and others) believe sounds best in this legendary piece of audio gear. These boards are sold in “Pairs” which includes (1) PC-5 Line Stage & (1) PC-6 Phono Stage. Original solder pad numbering is retained and clearly silk-screened on each circuit board. Multiple solder pad hole positions are provided to fit most vintage & modern components. These are “Bare” circuit boards less the components. Each PAS circuit board set will include a parts list (BOM) and component lead spacing guide. Suggested tube sockets for these boards is our # 9PSPC-BRC (4) required.

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