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The original Dynakit circuit design is retained throughout and features a modern engineered symmetrical layout constructed from high quality 0.062 FR4 Mil Spec material, double sided with reverse flow-through plated holes. The layout for both the components and wire connections are clearly identified by either a round or square solder pad on both sides of the board and silkscreened following the original dynakit numbering sequence.  Dimensionally accurate to the original specifications for a “drop-in” trouble free installation.  Our board design will accept either the original or new production components as available from Dyankit. Our PC-13 (ST-35) board kit is still available with your choice of either metal film precision resistors or carbon composition resistors for that original vintage look and sound. Factory assembled and tested boards are built at time of order. Please allow 7-10 business days plus shipping time. Check out our NEW brown Polyimide circuit boards!

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