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The Dynakit reproduction (PAS-CH) PAS CHASSIS. Finally a chassis worthy of your next DIY project. We have re-engineered the venerable PAS chassis retaining the classic look and dimensional accuracy of the original Dynaco PAS preamplifier. The chassis kit includes a choice of three (3) faceplates and optional accessories such as control knobs, switches, transformers and more…. See PAS Chassis & Parts

The (PAS-CH) kit does not include the circuit boards….. We will provide direct links to a number of recommended suppliers of these boards for your convenience.

The Norman Koren Dynaco PAS build is under way… Check out the Zynsonix DIY Audio Blog which includes photos and description of this build which is currently under construction. Chassis and related PAS components were provided by Dynakit. Thank you for sharing this with us Brian. DIY Audio Electronics from The Norman Koren Dynaco PAS Preamp

PA 211 Power Transformer. Exact drop-in replacement for your PAS Series preamplifiers. Improved design which runs measureably cooler….. See Model # PA 211

Dynaco Speaker Badges. Accurate reproduction with Black epoxy logo on brushed finished brass plate. Includes # 6 wood screw mount just like the original and top clear coat to protect against corrosion. Fits all original Dynaco Aperiodic speaker Models A-10 through A-50. See Model # SPK-LB

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