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In cooperation with our affiliate, Antique Electronics Supply, we are pleased to offer the convenience of a direct purchase link for selected vacuum tubes for each of our Dynakit Amplifier Models.Tube selections are based on performance, quality and current production availability.

Antique Electronics Supply offers the largest supply of new old stock (nos) and current production vacuum tubes in the world. They also have an enormous supply of DIY parts and vacuum tube related literature.

Click on your selection below:

Note: Back in the year (2007) Sovtek abruptly ceased production of the 7199 (Triode/Pentode) tube. The remaining supply of these tubes have already become increasingly scarce and costs have risen sharply. NOS types of this tube will soon become unobtainable. Accordingly, Dynakit has selected the 6GH8A (Triode/Pentode) tube as a direct replacement for the 7199 tube. The 6GH8A has very similar characteristics to the 7199 tube with the added benefit of it’s abundant supply and reasonable cost.

The 6GH8A tube is not a “Drop-In” replacement for the 7199 tube and pin-out changes are required, however, to simplify this Dyankit offers a special plug-in 9 pin socket adapter which addresses these changes while retaining the original Dyna circuitry.

Our optional socket adapter #SA-6GH8A is available for our MK IV and ST-70 Version (A) amplifier kits.  It can also be purchased separately for use with any amplifier currently using the 7199 tube.

6GH8A tubes & 7199 Socket Adapters are currently available through our affiliate ANTIQUE ELECTRONIC SUPPLY

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