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Permits the use of the 6GH8A Tube in place of the 7199 tube. This low profile high quality socket adapter re-arranges the pin connections to permit use of the 6GH8A tube while retaining the original DYNA Circuitry. Includes ceramic socket, FRP circuit board and gold plated pins. Mounted height is less than 1/2″ (0.500″) x (0.720″) diameter.

Factory assembled.

Tubes not included (available through our affiliate.)

Price is for One (1) socket adapter.

Update 2012: Our socket adapter also works with the 6U8A tube…Many have found this to be equal to if not better than the original 7199 tube. Both tube types are fairly inexpensive and readily available. Update 2016: Another excellent tube choice, although expensive is the 7687 tube.

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