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This letter comes as an unsolicited commentary on the quality of your products, and in particular, the ST-35 Kit that I purchased and assembled! First, as a ‘rookie’ in the electronics area, I was not sure if this was going to be over my head or not. But, I’m glad I took the risk, because the process was far easier than I thought it would be. In fact, what I thought was going to be several days of tedious work, turned out to be only one evening of fun and enjoyment! To call it ‘simple’ may be an over-statement, but to call it difficult would be equally inaccurate. The build was easy enough that I completed it in only a matter of 4-5 hours…..and to my delight the amp functioned flawlessly when first powered-up. Instructions were clear, concise, and easy to follow. Components all fit together like a fine Swiss watch. The quality was clearly evident throughout the process of construction. I was completely absorbed by this build, and it was easily one of the most enjoyable things I did all winter.

Regarding the end result, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The performance of this amplifier far surpassed my expectations. I have been around ‘music’ all my life; having played in rock and blues bands, and having owned some pretty sophisticated home audio units. I wasn’t sure just how a 17 watt per channel amp was going to stand up to my appetite for full-range sound enjoyment. I knew the reputation of the ST-35 was well respected among the Jazz, club and even symphony set. I was confident that the amp would provide a sonically pleasing sound-stage at lower volumes….but I was concerned about ‘my’ music! I tend to like things loud, with firm bass response, and bright & clear on the high end! Well, this amp did NOT disappoint me! In fact, I was incredibly impressed! I found the amp to have rock-solid bass response, with a smooth and even mid-range, and a high end that almost sparkled. In short, the amp is phenomenal!! I couldn’t be happier! And, for those who are concerned about transient noise as part of older Tube circuitry…. this amp is actually quieter than my Adcom 5500 at idle. No noise whatsoever!! I was amazed!!

So…I wanted to write this note to the owner of the company and let him know how much I appreciate being able to have had the opportunity to have completed this project. While I may have felt apprehensive at first, in retrospect, I wish I had done something like this a long time ago. The pride I feel in having built this amp is almost like having given birth to yet another child!! …….well…..almost!!….lol. But honestly, this roject was thoroughly enjoyable, and trouble-free from start to finish. Thanks……and keep the tradition going!! Best wishes now and in the years to come.

Thomas S. Dickinson

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