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Kevin, I have been listening to my Dynakit Mark III amps for about a month now and wanted to write and tell you how truly excellent they sound. It was accidental that I found your company while in Barnes & Nobel picking up a new release CD. I came across Audio Express Magazine (It’s almost never in stock) and this was how I found your company.

I was looking at a variety of DIY amps for some time and nothing seemed to be what I wanted. Most of the projects were solid state. What I really wanted was a tube amp that could power real world speakers. One such amp uses at least 22 tubes and puts out less than 25 wpc (at a cost of $350.00 for the tubes.) As such, the Mark III was just what I was looking for.

The benefit of living here in New Jersey is that Dynakit is nearby in Clifton, N.J. giving me the option of picking up the parts I needed less the added cost of shipping. It’s also been a great opportunity to meet with you and discuss Dynakit products and tube audio in general. You obviously know your product well and clearly have a dedication to the Dynakit equipment you sell.

You answered all my e-mail questions promptly and when I had a problem (one Sunday morning) following the completion of these amps; you called me within 15 minutes of my e-mail request for help. Now that’s what I call customer service!

The Mark III’s represents my 7th audio kit of which only one was a “clunker”. The Mark III’s were of excellent build quality and the parts are of extraordinary quality and finish.

I am ecstatic with the sound at this point. I was looking for the classic warm tube sound but didn’t want to sacrifice other things like detail, imaging and overall quality of sound. This is what I hear so far; the drums have all of the definition and slam (I like slam because I’m a drummer) while at the same time the cymbals have decay. Voices, particularly, female voices are smooth and have distinguishing character. The bass is the most surprising part. The bass has all of the presence I have come to love with Solid State. There is just more of the bass; it’s just a bit more defined. It’s not sloppy (as some would lead you to believe). Standup bass sounds fuller and better. Electric bass has all the pop and defining characteristics. As compared to the Solid State Sound, the edginess that I have experienced is gone.

I was somewhat concerned that the 60 WPC would not have enough “oomph” for my 2 way speakers, however this was not the case at all. My only disappointment, if you can call it that, is now that I’ve got the amp I’ve been looking for… What will I build now?

Stuart Cohen

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