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ST35 Bias Control Upgrade

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The ST35-BCU Bias Control Upgrade Kit is engineered to fit the new or original Dynakit® ST-35 amplifier. The ST35-BCU employs an adjustable fixed bias circuit which allows for user adjustment of the bias setting of each (EL84) output tube via (4) separate “on board” precision multi-turn bias pots.

The circuit board is constructed from type III, 240 degree C rated Brown “Polyimide” board material with (PTH) plated thru-holes, component silk screening and double sided solder mask.

The kit includes all high quality components, mounting hardware and hookup plus and our (12) page step-by-step assembly-operation manual.

Easy to install and simple to use, all bias adjustment pots and test points are conveniently located on the top side of the circuit board respective to each output tube position.

The ST35-BCU circuit board simply mounts to the existing front slotted chassis hole requiring no drilling or chassis alterations. Board design allows for use of the top vented cover and optional C-354 Filter Choke.

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