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Dynaco QD-1 Quadapter (NOS) Kit

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First introduced by David Hafler back in 1972 as a low cost alternative to discrete (4) channel Quadraphonic sound which typically required two stereo control amplifiers in addition to (4) separate speakers. This patented (passive) circuit will recover the “out of phase” musical information which can best be described as ambient delay and/or surround like sound. The Dynaco QD-1 works with most any stereo amplifier plus (2) additional speakers of similar design & efficiency. I have only one (1) remaining NOS kits available. The original Dynaco box was is in very rough shape requiring us to repackage this kit into a new similar sized box. I should also note that the provided Dynaco QD-1 assembly/operation manual is a photo copy. Pricing has been reduced for the next (60) days.

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