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Dynaco MK III 70V Kit

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This started out as a Factory built Dynaco MK III amplifier with the optional 70 Volt tap typically used for commercial PA or multi-speaker background music systems. This added tap makes this unit somewhat of a rarity although it still a Mark III 60 watt amplifier having the (4) (8) & (16) taps. The  70 volt tap will have no negative impact on the performance of this amplifier when using it with a conventional speaker hookup…although it would be very cool to use this once again in a commercial application.

I have professionally restored both the dual voltage P-782 (120/240) vac power and A-431-70V output transformers to include all new PVC leads and era correct grey painted covers. Both units were thoroughly tested and are now ready to make music again. The original chassis has been replaced with a very rare NOS Dynaco chassis plus our new production mirror finished stainless steel bottom cover.

Essentially, I have put together a new MK III -70V Dynaco amplifier kit comprised of both refurbished & NOS components plus new production parts such as our 550/600 vdc multi-section can capacitor. Included with this kit is a NOS C-354 Choke and original PC-1 NOS factory assembled circuit board. The buyer has the option of selecting our new MK III PC-1 board & parts kit in place of the NOS version. This amplifier kit is fully complete and includes hookup wire, power cord plus all connectors and assembly hardware.

Kit also includes an original (not a photo copy) Dynaco MK III 70V manual, factory insert page and warranty card…As an added bonus…I will include One (1) NOS Dynaco labeled & boxed 6AN8A tube at no additional cost. Purchase includes a (60) day warranty on all kit components (less tubes).

Make me a reasonable offer…If you prefer, call me…This would be a great gift for that special someone…

Kevin @ Dynakit





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