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Dynaco ST-35 Pre-Owned amplifier (120) vac including vintage Dynaco labeled tubes. Unit is all original and working well although a full restoration is suggested due to age of this unit. Previous owner drilled a number of small ventilation holes in the bottom cover… Chassis is in quite nice condition as are the transformers and circuit boards. Underside inspection reveals wiring that was neatly done in accordance with the Dynaco assembly instructions. This unit does not include a top cover, but we have these available if needed. This one is a real “Gem” and includes a (30) day warranty (less the tubes) SALE PRICE is $600.00 + shipping. Call or Email for availability & payment terms.

Original Dynaco ST-70…Recently serviced and upgraded including new can capacitor, new bias supply, CL-90 Thermistor & Rectifier diode modification. Cosmetically a solid 7 to 8…..Includes new production Brown cover, US made GZ34 rectifier tube and 7199 tubes. Also….a strong matched quad set of original Telefunken EL34 tubes. Includes a (30) day warranty on the amplifier only (not tubes) SALE PRICE $700.00 + shipping. Call or Email for availability & payment terms.

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