Power and audio output transformers purchased as part of a kit includes a (6) month non-transferable warranty. Power and audio transformers purchased for the purpose of repair or restoration of an original Dynaco amplifier includes a (90) day warranty. Use of Dynakit replacement transformers in modified and/or home brew amplifier designs are not covered by our warranty provisions. Sorry, we can not extend coverage in these instances for obvious reasons. Printed circuit boards, once assembled can not be returned for credit or replacement. Check boards carefully prior to assembly. Defective boards and/or uninstalled/ factory wired boards will be replaced at no charge up to (30) days from date of purchase. We do not warranty capacitors, resistor, diodes etc. once they have been soldered into a circuit. Check all values before mounting and/or soldering. If found to be defective, we will replace these at no charge up to (30) days from date of purchase.

You will need to obtain an (RGA) return goods authorization number. Contact us with a description of the problem, date of sale, invoice number and serial number (if applicable).

Pre-paid freight, adequately packaged with RGA number clearly noted on shipping label. Upon our receipt we will evaluate the warranty claim and will contact you via e-mail, fax or phone with our determination. Warranty replacement parts will be shipped back to you promptly at our expense.

When returning transformers, do not cut the wire leads during removal. Un-solder these while retaining their maximum lead length. Transformers returned with short and/or cut leads will be void of our warranty provisions.

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