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Ultravalve ST-70 Amplifier (Pre-Owned)

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Ultravalve ST-70 Amplifier…..Preowned & professionally assembled by Dynakit with technical guidance & support by Audio by Van Alstine.

A fantastic looking tube amplifier with a mirror finished stainless steel chassis and a double-anodized, satin finish “Champagne Gold” face plate. Unlike the original Dynaco ST-70 all of the resistors, capacitors and critical wiring is located below the chassis eliminating the need for a protective cover. The tubes will get hot during typically operation so please be aware of this in advance of purchasing.

This has been one of my favorite amplifiers that I listened to almost daily but it now time to thin out the herd. This unit will include a (60) day warranty of the amplifier and a (30) day limited warranty on the optional set of vacuum tubes: (4) JJ Brand EL34 Matched Quad, (1) Sovtek 5AR4, (2) NOS 6GH8A Tubes.

Amplifier is in very nice condition although there are some light scratches on the top of the chassis that occurred during assembly and/or daily use. These are only visible depending on your viewing angle and close proximity to the unit. I was unable to capture these light scratches in any of my photos.

Price for the Ultravalve ST-70 Amplifier is $1200.00 plus shipping.

Optional new set of Tubes….Add $175.00

Sold 01-30-2023



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