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MK III amps (pre-owned)

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I restored this pair of MK III amplifiers more than a decade ago and have used them very
infrequently over these past years. All original Dynaco iron, chrome plated chassis,
modern 6AN8A circuit board, gold RCA jacks, 550 vdc rated can capacitor, CL-80 Thermistor,
new C-354 choke, HD power cord and all Teflon wiring. Each amplifier includes a matched
pair of JJ KT88 tubes, NOS 6AN8A driver tubes and Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier tubes. This is
a matched pair of MK III amplifiers…These will not be sold individually.
Price for the pair is $1200.00 plus shipping. Please contact us for both the shipping and
payment options. A (45) day warranty (except the tubes) is included with this purchase.
SOLD 04-06-2018

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