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KLIPSCH Heresey Speakers (Pre-Owned)

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Klipsch Heresey Speakers with sequential serial numbers (52S898) & (52S899) which confirms a 1978 production date. Type HWO which indicates both the speaker model “Heresey” and the cabinet finish “Walnut Oiled”. Condition is pristine with the exception of one small blemish at the top front left edge of one of these speakers. (See photo detail). Speakers are rated 8 Ohms and they are quite efficient at 96 db @ 1 watt input with a frequency range of 50 to 17,000 HZ. Speakers are in perfect working order and visually appealing with or without their original Klipsch black grills. Brand new Klipsch Heresey speakers produced today will cost you more than $3000.00.

These speakers will sound fantastic with most any tube or solid state amplifier and especially with one of our Dynakit vacuum tube amplifiers.

Asking Price is $2,000.00 (OBO)

Local pickup in North Jersey is preferred. If shipping is required it will be at the buyers expense.

Thanks for looking…

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